About Us

About the Department

The Department of Optometry in the College of Nursing and

Health Sciences was established in 2014 and first recruited

undergraduate students in 2015. The four-year undergraduate

program is the university-level optometric education in Taiwan.

The program equips students to be professional optometrists

by enhancing their knowledge and skills in designing,

inspecting and evaluating vision performance.


After graduation, students living Taiwan can take qualified

examination for optometrist license. Then, they can be hired

as an optometrist, optician, or orthoptician in eye clinics,

hospitals, or optical shops. Currently, there are 7 full-time

professional teachers in the department.


Department Mission

Based on the North American and Australia standard of optometric education, the objective of the Department of Optometry is to provide advanced education and equips students to be professional, competent, ethical and high-quality optometrists that can provide the public with visual care.

Department Highlights

The school has invested more than 30 million NT dollars to set up the professional optometric laboratory, including Basic Medical Lab, Refraction & Orthoptics Lab, Optics Lab, Dispensing and Edging Lab and Contact Lens Lab. With the assistance of sufficient teaching equipment, the Department of Optometry also provides students with a comprehensive curriculum required for a qualified optometrist including a full semester of clinical practice training in optical shops and eye clinics or hospitals.

Department of Optometry,DaYeh University